Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - June 2nd, 2013: One man drives a bicycle in the bike path located between Copacabana Beach famous sidewalk and Atlantica Ave. People walk in the sidewalk.

Assistive Technology Suppliers Australia (ATSA) has welcomed the report of the Senate Committee into the regulation of motorised mobility devices and supports the principal recommendation of a nationally consistent regulatory framework under current development that must be evidence-based.

However, ATSA has raised concerns about the suggestion in the report that, ‘It is proposed that under the new arrangements it will be an offence to use a non-compliant motorised mobility device on public infrastructure.’

“Mobility is a basic human right and making it an offence to use certain devices in the absence of any evidence would be a fundamental infringement of that right,” ATSA executive officer, David Sinclair said.

“Including any future regulation of mobility scooters and motorised wheelchairs must evidence-based and recognise the importance of safety, of users and others. This must not add any additional barriers or make access and inclusion any more difficult for a frequently marginalised section of our community,” he said.

ATSA supports the Senate inquiry recommendation for ongoing funding to be provided as necessary, to ensure that Austroads can conduct, or commission, the collection of national motorised mobility device data on a continual basis as identified in the report to allow for evidence-based decisions into the future.

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