Ability Links NSW is celebrating one million community connections.

Far North Coast Ability Links program manager, Robert Baldwin, said the milestone highlights the important dual role of Ability Links NSW in supporting people living with disability develop a sense of belonging to their communities and making communities more inclusive. Ability Links claims to be unique in NSW and is the only program of its type in Australia. It is currently funded by the NSW Department of Community Services as part of the state’s transition towards full implementation of the NDIS and supports over 43,500 people in 100 regional and remote areas.

“One of the great strengths of Ability Links is our Linkers’ vast knowledge of and connection with the communities we work in,” he said. “Having one million community connections has allowed participants to reach their goals and ultimately live the lives they want to live. Overwhelmingly people want a connection with their communities however sometimes they’re not quite sure where to start which is where Ability Links can help.”

Baldwin said this can be as simple as connecting a participant with their local men’s shed or community garden, or help local festivals become more inclusive. “By making more connections we create more accessible and inclusive communities. At the end of the day, we all win, economically, by enabling people with disability spend their money in local businesses, and socially, by appreciating and recognising the contributions people living with disability bring to making our communities better for us all.”

For more information PH: 1300 792 940 or visit www.abilitylinksnsw.org.au.