Kymberly Martin

xRover Multi-Functional Outdoor Stroller

Are you ready to spend time with loved ones and actively expand their options and your social life?


This is now possible with the European designed and constructed xRover!  The xRover is a unique multi-functional medical stroller that transports people with limited ability in safety, style, and comfort.

 Its design and construction offer possibilities that a wheelchair cannot achieve. With the xRover, you can go hiking, jogging, explore the bush, visit the beach, go biking – even travel in snow!

By investing in an xRover multi-purpose stroller you can use it as a:

  • Jogging stroller (with the 14” front fixed wheel)
  • All terrain buggy
  • Outdoor stroller (with 6” swivel front wheel)
  • Beach buggy (with 3 balloon tyres)
  • Ski buggy (with the 3-ski attachment)
  • Bike trailer (with the cyclo attachment)

xRover is available in three standard models (small, medium and large) to suit people with limited mobility from child to adult.

Order your xRover now to enjoy outdoor family fun this summer.

For more information call: 1300 212 192 or email: [email protected]