Last Seen, a world-first project by seeing artists and composers of memories of vision impaired Australians opens in Brisbane on April 18.

For this unique multi-sensory exhibition 10 vision impaired Australians will share their most cherished memory before their sight deteriorated. Artists and acclaimed composers will unite with Australians including decorated veteran Michael Lyddiard, Paralympian Katie Kelly, pianist Jane Britt, UN panellist Santiago Velasquez and 14-year-old Oliver Fanshawe, to shine light on preventable eye-related disease.

The art exhibition and performance will allow visitors to immerse in the visual art, sounds and music that bring the scenes to life.

Among the artworks is Faith, pictured, of the Merewether Baths in Newcastle which was the last seen memory of gold medallist and Para-triathlete Katie Kelly who was also born with profound hearing loss. Another is Oliver’s View. 14-year-old Oliver Fanshawe is the youngest person in Australia to receive a Seeing Eye Dog. He is also the national junior champion for blind tennis and his last memorable image is of the Grand Canyon.

The exhibition will also feature works by Australian artists including Robert Brownhall, Rick Everingham, Dylan Jones, Tracie Eaton, Ky, Hart and Naomi White. Selected art pieces will be sold in a public, online auction at:

Over 13 million Australians have one or more chronic eye conditions with close to 500,000 with a vision-impairment or blindness.  Common eye conditions that cause vision loss include cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.  Around 90 per cent of all blindness and vision impairment is preventable or treatable if detected early.

Last Seen will run from April 18 – 29 at the Queensland College of Art, Grey Street Gallery, 226 Grey Street, Brisbane from 10am – 4pm. Entry is free. All venues and events are fully accessible for mobility, vision or hearing-impaired patrons.

Photo: Artist Tracie Eaton with Paralympian Katie Kelly and the paining of Kelly’s last sight memory, Merewether Baths in Newcastle. Credit: Peter Wallis.