Space and Comfort:  thanks to the lowered-floor kit by Focaccia Group, the Caddy Maxi F-Style 3 can accommodate seven passengers or five passengers and one person in a wheelchair. The manual ramp with practical handles allows easy access to the car for the wheelchair passenger, who travels in a wide and comfortable space.

Elegance and Style: The F-Style 3 lowered floor conversion sets new standards of aesthetic and quality by maintaining the same design and styling of the original vehicle. Elegance, design and attention to detail are the unique features of this new concept by Focaccia Group.

Safety and Reliability: The Caddy Maxi F-Style 3 has been tested in compliance with Directive 2007/46/EC and Regulation 14UN/ECE.  It boasts whole European type approval, in order to ensure maximum safety and protection for the person seated in the wheelchair.

Genius Ramp: Allows the access ramp to be folded inside the vehicle.

This Italian wheelchair accessible vehicle kit is imported and available from Freedom Motors in partnership with the Focaccia Group from Italy. Installer enquiries welcome.

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