Kymberly Martin

Vision Australia Radio launches Radiothon

Not-for-profit radio network Vision Australia Radio is hosting a Radiothon until June 30, 2021, asking listeners, friends and family for support.


The network for the blind and those with low vision relies on community support to stay on air to keep broadcasting to its 700,000 monthly listeners. The cost of broadcasting and providing its services continues to grow each year with transmission costs exceeding $750,000 and providing an essential service to people with a print disability exceeding $2 million each year.

“Our local radio reading services are often a primary news source for people with a print-disability,” Vision Australia audio business development consultant, Jason Gipps told F2L.

“If every one of our monthly listeners donated $2 before June 30, we’d have $1.4 million! This would go a huge way to keeping Vision Australia Radio, the largest independently run community radio network in Australia, on air.”


He said the network has received less than $10,000 in direct donations through the 2020/21 financial year.

“One of the ways we continue to stay on air is thanks to our more than 600 volunteers across Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Albury and regional Victoria who give thousands of hours a year to keep us broadcasting. Our volunteers have navigated countless lockdowns and restrictions to continuously broadcast through the pandemic, providing people who are blind, have low vision or a print disability, with equal access to vital news and information.

“Like all community radio stations we rely on the support of our sponsors, volunteers, some government funding and those who donate to keep us on-air,” he said.

Make a one-off tax-deductible donation of $2 or more, by heading to:

To set up regular monthly donations to support Vision Australia Radio call: 1800 422 077 and ask to speak with Donors Services to give via phone. Remember to inform the telephone operator that you wish to support Vision Australia Radio.

For more information: check out the latest Vision Australia Radio news.