The VELA Tango 600ES is a children’s chair with electric height adjustment. Perfect for children and young people with special needs. 

With a VELA activity chair it is possible to ’grow’ with the chair and get special adaptions – for a perfect fit for children and adolescents. 

VELA Children’s chairs will truly grow with the user. The unique back adjustment allows the seat depth to increase as the child grows. Should the user grow out of the existing seat then simply replace the seat pad for the next size up – same applies with our backrests. Our modular system allows for accessories/supports to be added retrospectively should the need occur. 

The easy reach Central Brake promotes user independence and safety. The contoured seating system with memory foam helps prevent sacral sitting & the 4-point belt helps with hip alignment. A selection of supportive backrests and adjustable armrests help the child stay focused and supported whilst in class or at home. 

The ergonomic seat and backrest systems from VELA are specifically designed for children and provides optimal sitting comfort, as both the backrest and seat can be adjusted to suit the individual child. 

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