Kymberly Martin

University of Sydney develops COVID-19 planning toolkit

The University of Sydney Centre for Disability Research & Policy has prepared a Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness (PCEP) Planning toolkit for COVID-19.


Click below to go to either the PDF or Word version of the PCEP COVID-19 Planning Tool.

Word Version PCEP COVID-19 Planning Tool   PDF Version PCEP COVID-19 Planning Tool

A few of the pages have been taken from the PCEP COVID-19 Planning Tool for two extra separate printable planning tools.  These guide you to think about, and write down things you will want to have in your COVID-19 plan.


Click below to go to the My COVID-19 Plan

Word Version My COVID-19 Plan  PDF Version My COVID-19 Plan

Click below to go to the printable STOP sign.  This is a sign that you can put on your front door to let people know you are at higher risk.

Printable Stop Sign