Kymberly Martin

University of Sydney developing disability research agenda

University of Sydney researchers are leading a national consortium of academic and NGO partners to develop a disability research agenda for Australia for the next decade.  


As part of this agenda-setting, participation is invited via a survey which aims to understand the priorities when it comes to disability research in Australia.  

The research team would like to hear from as many people as possible, from a broad range of backgrounds, to get a clear understanding of the areas people believe are important.  

The study is open to Australians aged 18 and over who have a knowledge, or interest, in disability.


The survey asks:

  • What should be prioritised in disability research in Australia and why?
  • How you use and access disability research and what could make this easier?
  • Details including your postcode, gender, experience of disability or role in the disability sector?

Click here to access the survey: 

This also links to the project participant information sheet.  

For more information on the project, or other consultation activities, email to: [email protected]  

Responses to the survey must be submitted by: May 7, 2021.