The Go Go Endurance Li is a convenient travel companion that provides effortless transportation for people who are always on the go. This 4-wheel scooter can be effortlessly disassembled into five portable pieces, making it easy to store and transport in the trunk of a car or on a plane*. This is especially useful for people who travel frequently and need a reliable mode of transportation.

What sets the Endurance Li apart from other travel mobility scooters is it’s 16AH MAXX Lithium-ion battery pack. So, what’s so good about lithium-ion batteries?

  1. They are 60 per cent lighter than a standard battery pack.
  2. They have a 31 per cent longer range than standard battery technology so you can travel up to 23km on a single charge, giving you plenty of freedom to explore your surroundings and reach more destinations. This allows you to discover new places, without having to worry about running out of battery power in an unfamiliar area.
  3. They charge 140 per cent faster than standard battery packs.

The Endurance Li has a weight capacity of 147 kg and comes standard with the option of a 43 cm x 43 cm or a 50 cm x 45 cm foldable seat. Each unit includes a set of Garnet Red (matte) and Euro Grey coloured panels, front and rear CTS suspension, an LED headlight and an ergonomic wraparound delta tiller to keep your wrists comfortable over longer travel times.

Overall, the Go Go Endurance Li is a highly recommended, reliable mobility scooter that provides a safe and comfortable mode of transportation for people who don’t want their mobility limitations interrupting their active lifestyles.

For more information about the Go Go Endurance Li and Pride Mobility Products visit their website: visit the Pride Mobility stand #132 at the ATSA Melbourne Expo and stand #190 at ATSA Perth Expo in May.

*An optional 8AH lithium-ion battery pack is available for travel, which is airline-compliant and has an 11.5 km range.

**Transport of this item on commercial aircraft is subject to federal regulations and airline policy. Consumers should consult their airline prior to their flight to ensure the Go Go Endurance Li and its lithium-ion battery are permitted.