Australian organisations can now access new training designed to improve workplace road safety. Mobility and Accessibility for Children in Australia (MACA) has launched Workplace Road Safety Leadership, a two-week online training course for organisations whose staff undertake work-related travel and may also be accountable or responsible for the transport of children with disability on roads.

MACA chief executive, Helen Lindner, said that the course is part of MACA’s broader responsibility and commitment to reduce road trauma in Australia, designed to give workplaces knowledge, information, and tools to help prevent workplace deaths and injuries on our roads.  It covers topics including the vehicle as a workplace, work health and safety obligations, key hazards and risks and how to manage them.  

Stephanie Van Velzen, practice director of Uplift Therapy in Ballarat, said as her team travel regularly to see children and their families, and occasionally transport clients, workplace road safety is important. Every member of the senior management team will be completing the new course to ensure best practice in workplace safety for both staff and clients.

Uplift Therapy plan to introduce a new road safety policy and work collaboratively as a team on risk reduction and management strategies, and also provide education for staff, families and others in the community who support children with disability.

“I not only have the responsibility to keep our children and families safe, but also the responsibility of safety for our 15 staff members,” Velzen said.

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Photo: MACA director Emma Clarkson, Stephanie Van Velzen and Helen Lindner