The TDX SP2 delivers unrivalled comfort, drive performance and manoeuvrability. This power wheelchair is equipped with the revolutionary Ultra Low Maxx and LiNX technologies for the perfect mix of functionality, customisation and style.  

Key features include:

  • A customisable seating system that adapts to the body over time, allowing the end user to actively participate in daily life. It also features shear reduction technology to avoid tissue breakdown when the chair transitions between position options.
  • Speed control: With low speed option for approaching doorways or tables, in addition to creep control to improve grip on slopes to ensure the user is always in command.
  • The touchscreen remote is adaptable to suit both left and right-handed users with Bluetooth mouse technology for easy connection to personal devices.
  • The Ultra Low Maxx power positioning system allows providers and therapists to create seating, positioning and driving experience that gives maximum levels of comfort and support to the end user.
  • Colour options available.

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