Kymberly Martin

TabTimer to launch new Droplet Intelligent Hydration Kit at ATSA Expos

Dehydration is a silent killer.  Studies show that dehydration can cause falls, acute kidney injury, increase hospital admissions, and even become a contributing factor to deaths in elderly patients.


The Droplet hydration system can help avoid thousands of unnecessary deaths every year. 
Droplet uses spoken and visual prompts to remind the user to drink.

It is recommended that men have an average fluid intake of 2 litres per day, and women 1.7 litres per day – this is equivalent to seven or eight glasses a day.  In studies Droplet found that patients in care homes and hospitals were drinking on average between only three to five glasses a day.

What is Droplet?


Droplet is the world’s first talking memory hydration aid.

At its heart is the Droplet Light and Sound Reminder Base.  It’s an intelligent, programmable base that will talk to the user if they are not drinking enough and will alert the carer at the same time. With a simple twist the base attaches to either the Droplet mug or Droplet tumbler.

The Droplet Flow Control Lid fits easily to the top of the mug or tumbler to help people who are coping with tremors or swallowing problems. 

Family members or carers can record their own personalised messages which is both comforting and encouraging to the user. On a ward, the flashing Base can be seen from a distance, so the healthcare professional can quickly see who has not been drinking.

At night, the Base glows gently to help the user to find their drink in the dark that gives the user independence over their own hydration.

Droplet is now available in Australia from TabTimer.

See the Droplet Intelligent Hydration Kit on display at ATSA Expos in Sydney, stand #56, and Brisbane stand #256.

If you can’t wait, visit:

Email:  [email protected] or Call: 1300 TABTIMER (1300 822 846).