Kymberly Martin

T.A. Stand Assist Office Chair

The Danish designed and manufactured T.A. Stand Assist Office Chair creates the possibility for users to achieve standing transfers with neuromuscular conditions like Muscular Dystrophy or Motor Neurone Disease, Cerebral Palsy, severe Arthritis, balance problems or Multiple Sclerosis.


The unique features of the TA office chair allow the seat to be raised or lowered electrically by 40 cm. It has a 360 degree lockable swivel seat and an electric lockable brake that prevents the chair from rolling during a transfer.

Both the height setting and brake are activated using buttons located on the armrest. The chair is battery operated, requiring weekly recharging depending on the degree of use.

Features of the chair include:

  • 40 cm electrical lift height variation
  • Seat height settings of 43cm, 48cm, 53cm and 58cm.

Adjustable settings include:

  • Armrest height, width and length
  • Seat depth
  • Turning base.

May be suitable for users with:

Cerebral Palsy

Severe Arthritis

Balance problems

Neuromuscular disabilities

Multiple Sclerosis.


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