The Stayput Safety Belt Security System is a less restrictive option when it comes to seat belt safety. Developed to address the problematic behaviour of unbuckling vehicle safety belts, the Stayput safety belts are driver/carer controlled and restrict un-buckling at the push of a button from the drivers console. In the event of an accident or when the vehicle is turned off, the system defaults to its normal safety belt function and can be unbuckled like any other safety belt. The system can operate as a normal safety belt or its safety feature activated when necessary.

The system is said to remove a trigger for challenging behaviour (installing a buckle cover) and offers less restrictive options for a Behaviour Support Plan in line with current ADHC Behaviour Support Policy. The manufacturer and designer, Stayput Restraints, have completed AS/NZ Standards compliance testing ensuring industry wide acceptance.

Freedom Motors is installing the system into selected vehicles as well as private vehicles and the system is being trialled with the NSW Ambulance Service in a transfer vehicle for people with disability. It has also been tested in selected IHC disability vehicles in New Zealand.

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