Specialist Disability Accommodation provider, Good Housing and Disability Support provider Northcott have announced plans for a new development in Lavington, Albury.

The proposed purpose-built property, called River Gum, has been designed to accommodate residents with extreme physical and/or intellectual disability with high support needs. The project will comprise three one-bedroom independent villas and an adjoining two-resident overnight assistant rooms, due for completion by mid-2023.

Good Housing general manager and co-founder, Antony Anisse said demand for dedicated disability housing in the region is at critical levels with around 120 people in Albury currently living in SDA, however, half of those residents are in old-fashioned group homes that do not always meet their specific needs. “It’s been a very tenant-centric project from the beginning, ensuring the compatibility of tenants with their neighbours or roommates at the property,” he said. 

Two of the one-bedroom villas will be for robust tenants, designed with reinforced Gyprock walls and toughened glass, plus sensory soundproofing. Features include assistive technology, wide doorways and adjustable benches. Each villa aims to meet the nine foundations of a healthy building, including air quality, thermal health, moisture, dust and pests, safety and security, water quality, noise, lighting, views and ventilation.

Northcott chief operating officer, Andrew Kew said people with disabilities need good quality, purpose-built housing that is not isolated from other people. “The Good Housing designs will properly support their needs and the location in Lavington means that the residents can mix freely with their neighbours, use local services and build long-term community relationships,” he said. 

MP for Albury Justin Clancy said there has been increasing pressure on housing in Albury and across the region and it was vital that those living with disability can find a suitable home in their community.

Caption: Cindy Walsh (Northcott service manager), Sam Graiche (Good Housing co-founder), BJ (Andrew Kew’s son), Andrew Kew, (Northcott chief operating officer) and Antony Anisse. (Good Housing general manager).