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Special Tomato CatchUp Chair

The New CatchUp Chair by Special Tomato is a stable, adjustable mobile seat. It is easily configured without tools to provide a perfect fit seat with foot support at the perfect height for a variety of tabletop surfaces. Catching up and staying caught up with a child’s growth and a proper fit has never been this easy.


Therapists, teachers and parents know that when a child sits in a chair that fits properly, they can maintain good posture and tolerate being still and focused for longer periods and do not fatigue as quickly. When children are seated comfortably, they can direct their attention to important matters such as learning, eating, creating and socialising instead of being distracted by postural adjustments and wiggling to get comfortable.

To achieve a proper fit, children should sit in a chair that has a seat depth 2-inches shorter than the distance from their hip and their knee. Their back should rest against the seat back and their knees should easily bend over the seat edge with some space between the front edge of the seat and the back of the knee. Feet should be flat on the floor or flat on a supportive surface such as a footrest or foot stool. Stabilisation of a well aligned seated posture always includes stabilisation of lower extremity position. When working at a tabletop, forearms should rest comfortably on the surface with elbows bent.

To achieve this perfect fit for growing children, the CatchUp Chair offers a high degree of adjustability. Seat depth, seat to footrest height, seat to floor height and backrest height are all adjustable in 1-inch increments. Each graduated adjustment is numbered so it is easy to note the proper configuration for different tabletop heights or for multiple users. This chair can also achieve a perfect fit for individuals with a disability who are not typically proportioned. With the Special Tomato CatchUp Chair, you will never say “This chair doesn’t fit right” again!


The CatchUp Chair has a compact design making it an excellent choice for schools, therapy clinics, and hospitals as well as homes. Simple, tool-free adjustments to the seat and footplate make it easy to perform quick adjustments in environments where multiple children use the same chair.

The CatchUp Chair comes standard with seat and back pads as well as a 3-point adjustable pelvic positioning belt plus a small and large size 5-point adjustable chest positioning harness. The pelvic belt and chest harness stabilise a well aligned posture. The sturdy metal frame construction ensures years of reliable service and the 5-inch swivel locking castors allow for easy manoeuvrability and floor clearance. The footrest can be moved back and out of the way during transfers into and out of the chair.

The chair has a growth capability from 8-inch to 16-inch seat width and a weight capacity of 113Kgs to suit children through to adults.

Optional accessories include:

  • Small and large height adjustable arm rests
  • Generous tray 
  • Height adjustable back rest extension
  • Winged headrest.

For added support and comfort, combine the CatchUp Chair with Special Tomato Soft Touch Seat & Back Liners or a Special Tomato Soft-Touch Sitter. Both products are made from a soft-to-touch material that is latex-free, anti-microbial, and easily wiped clean.

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