Kymberly Martin

SoftWheel …”Re-Imagined, Re-Invented, Re-Vamped”

Patented adaptive in-wheel selective and symmetric suspension technology kicks into action only when the wheelchair encounters an obstacle, maintaining its rigidity. The superior shock absorbers return to the centre swiftly after passing the obstacle, reducing impact on the spine and back and less vibration to the frame or rider’s body.


The unique in-wheel suspension arm absorbs more impact than traditionally suspended wheels. The shocks remain perfectly rigid over flat terrain, yet offer unparalleled cushioning on a bumpy pavement or off-road. The patented energy-efficient technology gives more power in the moment and more energy in the long run.

Precision engineered, SoftWheel is compatible with any wheelchair frame and carries a 136kg load weight.

SoftWheel could very soon be regarded as iconic, as not only is its performance excellent but it looks decidedly like the wheels of the future” – Able Magazine


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