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SMIK Australian-Made Wheelchairs

Dejay have a range of wheelchairs designed to suit the smallest child to the younger generation as well as a prescription built paediatric model .


Built specifically for small children, the Buzzz is the smallest growth wheelchair manufactured by Dejay.

The wheelchair comes with a seat width from 20cm to 36cm and growth from 20 – 36 cm in seat depth, providing independent mobility for the smallest child. Although it is a compact wheelchair, the Buzzz is constructed to withstand the rigours of a child’s investigation and adventure.

Another wheelchair model is the Smik Joey, is a lightweight and fully prescription-built paediatric wheelchair. It features a fixed frame chair suitable for children who need up to 16-inch seat width.


Also, due to its lightweight construction, the Smik Joey is a great wheelchair for developing a child’s independent mobility. A wide range of custom and off the shelf items are available to enhance the appearance and useability of the chair.

The Phoenix Tilt in Space (TIS) represents our idea of what we feel is a practical, usable and value for money tilt-in-space wheelchair, designed and built in Australia.

This wheelchair offers an unprecedented amount of tilt range and frame adjustment.  It is available in seat widths ranging from 31 – 40 cm with a seat depth adjustment in-excess of 10cm.   The Phoenix TIS is ideal for the younger generation who require the use of a wheelchair with a wide tilt range, but not the usual bulk and weight associated with current tilt chairs.

Dejay custom manufactures a carefully selected range of quality manual wheelchairs. With over 30 years of experience to custom modify to suit individual needs. Dejay also specialise in custom seating, headrests, shoulder keepers and more, all handmade in its Sydney workshop.

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