The Adjust a Sleep 6000sd power base with a pressure- sensitive mattress offers the complete mattress solution.

It features the Hi-Lo power base with power back rest/knee bend/leg raise functions and comfort edge technology – with a cushioned surround with an upholstered finish designed to complement any bedroom. The 6000sd is available now in several size options for immediate delivery.

The Sleepdoctor in Hawthorn (Vic) delivers unparalleled expertise in mattress solutions, complemented with customised bedroom furniture and electric beds. Mattress ensembles are enhanced with headboards, the latest Flex Pillow pressure sensitive pillows and the Magniflex range of Protect.a.Bed stain guard mattress protectors.

All mattresses and adjustable beds offer customised sizing solutions personally designed by Andrew Cain and his team, using Xsensor pressure imaging sleep diagnostic equipment to improve comfort and safety for clients in its range of pressure-sensitive mattresses and Hi-Lo adjustable and massage electric beds.

The Melbourne showroom has 16 electric power base models on display with over 36 pressure sensitive mattresses to suit most sleeping requirements. The Sleepdoctor offers a ‘Satisfaction Guarantee’ to all customers.

For more information visit: or PH: 03 9041 4765