Kymberly Martin

Safety in the shower with Therm-Oz shower valve

Ensure safety in the shower with the Therm-Oz thermostatic shower valve.


It mixes water to a set constant temperature, even if other taps, toilets etc are in use. Cool-Touch technology ensures a low surface temperature that will not exceed 20°C when operating at 38°C.

A safer choice for your home with no electrics, Therm-Oz is simply a far more efficient way of mixing water. The valve is designed to shut off instantly in the event of cold or hot water supply failure, preventing the risk of scalding.

Shower with peace of mind using Therm-Oz:

  • Maintains a constant water temperature
  • Prevents chances of scalding
  • Easy child-safe controls
  • Water efficient with less wastage
  • Cool-Touch technology ensures the surface remains cool
  • Stylish yet functional – the perfect addition to any bathroom.

It carries a 5-year guarantee, WaterMark approved Licence WMK26224, made to AS4032.4 and included in AS/NZS3500.4:2018 Plumbing Code.

For more information visit: or: [email protected] or PH: 0439 196 441 or 08 6117 3877.