Kymberly Martin

Royal Commission – release of Final Report delayed

The Disability Royal Commission interim report has been published, without any recommendations, however chairman, Ronald Sackville, has requested a 17-month extension to September 2023 to release a final report.


He said that the pandemic has hampered the work of the Royal Commission, particularly its public engagements, but the interim report has been presented within the time specified in the Terms of Reference.

The report said people with disability experience attitudinal, environmental, institutional and communication barriers to achieving inclusion within Australian society.  It shows that a great deal needs to be done to ensure that the human rights of people with disability are respected and that Australia becomes a truly inclusive society.

The 561-page document details the experiences of many people with disability, as well as the reasons they are exposed to violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation.


 “The interim report is an important milestone in the work of the Royal Commission,” Mr Sackville said. 

“The report explains the approach the Royal Commission is taking. The task confronting us is formidable, but we are committed to completing the work in a way that will help bring about transformational changes in the laws, policies and practices affecting people with disability. In the past 50 years, significant progress has been made in addressing the harsh and at times cruel and inhuman treatment of people with disability.

“People with disability now have a voice through their representative organisations and the NDIS has been established, but welcome as those changes are, a great deal remains to be done,” he said.

Accessible Word and PDF formats, an Easy Read guide and Easy Read Summary, and an Auslan video summary are available. For information on this contact:  [email protected]