20150505-DM-LSC-0308The Abbott Government has launched a national public consultation process  disability employment. A series of forums will be held nationally to find out how employment rates for people with disability can be improved and identify what is and what is not working in existing disability employment programs. These public consultations are intended to help develop a new Disability Employment Framework.

An Issues Paper has been released to encourage discussion about the current approach and the best ways of supporting people with disability to find long-term, meaningful employment.

According to Assistant Minister for Social Services, Mitch Fifield only about 52 per cent of people of working age with disability are working or seeking work. “We want to hear from people with disability, their families, carers, employers and service providers so we can develop a system that works for employers as well as people with disability,” Minister Fifield said.I encourage everyone with an interest in the employment outcomes of people with disability to read the Issues Paper and have their say by attending a forum or making a written submission.”

The recently established Disability Employment Taskforce will work closely with stakeholders over the next six months to design the new Framework.

To download the Issues Paper go to: www.engage.dss.gov.au