Kymberly Martin

Permobil Explorer Mini

A young child’s ability to explore their environment ushers in a cascading array of cognitive, social, emotional and spatial skills that provide tremendous opportunities for growth.


If the typical developmental sequence is altered, the ability for a young child to change their environment, control the objects they want and forage into spaces is stopped. 

At Permobil, we set out to change that.

Backed by clinical research, the Explorer Mini was designed for young children to be placed in postures that will promote development, allow for self-initiated mobility and help them achieve early childhood milestones.


We are proud to see so many already benefiting from the Explorer Mini’s use, and for it to be named as one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2021. Lightweight and with an intuitive design, it’s available now as a prescribed device from your nearest Permobil dealer here.

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