Kymberly Martin

Ottobock Motus – the all-rounder for active use

Having undergone a complete makeover, the NEW Motus has now emerged with more product highlights than ever before with a lighter weight, a fresh new design and more features that can be set individually.


The optimised weight starting at 11.6 kg (CS model) and the completely redesigned desk and clothing guard side panels are just two of the highlights.

The NEW Motus includes new push handles that can be raised or lowered, a newly designed side panel with a more dynamic look and new easily adjustable wheel adapters in both the drive wheel adapter and front wheel adapter.

Both the Motus CS and CV models are lightweight, configurable and fold easily and quickly for transport. The Motus CS includes a closed front frame with a swing away single-panel foot plate, offering additional stability to the wheelchair. The Motus CV is a modular design with removable leg supports, allowing the user more flexibility in everyday situations.


Both versions also offer additional options such as, an angle adjustable back support, tray, knee lever wheel lock, scissor wheel lock, crutch holder and anti-tippers.

In addition to the CS and CV models, the NEW Motus product range also includes a XXL version suitable for users with a weight up to 140kg and a HEMI version that can be fully adapted to meet individual requirements, this includes a range of options such as, One Arm Drive wheels, one hand brakes, channel forearm pads and wider foot space for making it easier for users to propel the wheelchair with their feet.

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