Kymberly Martin

Ormesa BUG – Safe, Modular and Versatile Postural Seating System

BUG by Ormesa is a modular and highly supportive postural seating system, ideal for children with mild to severe postural needs. The BUG is adjustable, versatile, flexible, safe and practical. 


The seating system can be used on a four-wheel outdoor base as a pushchair, or choose from three other indoor bases to suit your needs.  It features adjustable tip-up footrests and an adjustable height and tilt leg-rest and the headrest is incorporated in the backrest, supporting the head during tilt adjustments.

Four different bases are available for all day activities:
BUG on 850 indoor compact floor base

BUG on 851 indoor high-lo compact base


BUG on 856 indoor high-lo feeding base

BUG on 869 four-wheel outdoor base.

Available in two sizes, small and medium, in a wide range of adjustments and the seat grows with your child!

For more information call: 1300 131 884 or email [email protected]