??????????????????????????????? Therapeutic goods represent the largest proportion of product recalls in the country. This is according to a study by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC). Over 700 product recalls were enacted in Australia in 2012 and these are increasing every year according to the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

To help improve the therapeutic product recall process across the healthcare network, GS1 Australia has launched an online portal that streamlines the management of product recalls.

GS1 Australia CEO, Maria Palazzolo, said there was clearly a need for more advanced recall solutions to improve patient safety.  “The portal is a smart tool that enables therapeutic goods to be recalled securely and efficiently. GS1 Recallnet Healthcare ensures that those responsible for the removal of unsafe therapeutic goods from the supply chain, retailers, hospitals and the wider marketplace, get all the information they need to quickly assess the risk and identify the affected products.”

She said as well as significantly lessening the risks in the event of a recall.

The program was developed in collaboration with an industry working group that included regulatory authorities, health departments, healthcare industry associations, pharmaceutical and medical device suppliers. Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, hospitals and other health authorities can now initiate, receive and exchange information relating to healthcare recalls and withdrawals online at any time.

To give the industry time to acquaint themselves with the new system those joining GS1 Recallnet Healthcare by October 1, 2013 receive six months free access.  For details go to gs1recallnet@gs1au.org

A similar platform was introduced for the grocery industry 18 months ago and this is working very successfully, Palazzolo said.