Kymberly Martin

Nominations open for Disability Leadership Awards

Nominations are open for the National Awards for Disability Leadership. The awards recognise and celebrate the contribution and leadership shown by people with disability and organisations who have contributed to the status of people with disability.


The Awards are delivered across seven categories reflecting what is important to people with disability including:

  • The Arts – advancing the status of people with disability through artistic expression
  • Change Making – achieving equality people by changing policy, programs, or legislation
  • Rights Activism – advancing the status of people with disability using human rights mechanisms
  • Innovation – achieving outcomes to the status of disabled people by working outside the box
  • Social Impact –using mainstream or social media, or other digital interfaces
  • Inclusion – illustrating inter sectional diversity by designing processes, systems or programs
  • The Lesley Hall Award for Lifetime Achievement for individual commitment to the disability rights movement for achieving significant outcomes for people with disability.

Applications close on October 29, finalists will be announced on November 19, 2021, and award recipients announced on December 3, the International Day for People with Disabilities.

Nominations must be made using the official Awards nomination form


Nominate a disability leader HERE.