"A middle-aged man sits in a wheelchair, his head on his hands, loking sad. Behind him, a green garden is just out of reach."

What is said to be a first-of-it-its-kind platform for people with cerebral palsy and support networks to access information, has been launched.

The My CP Guide brings together information about cerebral palsy from global sources into one comprehensive guide, covering all life stages from infancy to older age. A variety of clinical topics which focus on management of health and wellbeing are complemented by life experiences across education, work, and relationships.

The website, co-designed by people with cerebral palsy, is designed to be accessible for users so it can be navigated by those wanting to learn independently, or with the guidance of a professional. It captures the voices and perspectives of people at different life stages who experience varying challenges in managing their health and wellbeing with the condition.

Finn, who is an adult with CP, a user of the platform and member of the Consumer Advisory Group, found that before the website existed there was nothing pitched to someone of his age looking for health information.

“CP affects me and many others from birth, so most of the information resources out there are focused on parents of young children, which is certainly vital to navigate the early years of CP, but once you leave paediatric care, you walk into the wilderness with no information and no guide. As I got older, and health problems arose, it took me a long time to connect the dots that were CP related.

“My CP Guide is a credible source of information as I can search for information resources by category and filter by life stage, based on any issue I might experience and everything has been vetted as credible, current, accurate and helpful information,” he said.

More video content and personal stories along with information resources in Easy English will be added to the site soon.

The guide was created by organisations, led by Cerebral Palsy Australia, and included Ability First Australia, Cerebral Palsy Alliance and the Cerebral Palsy Support Network.