Kymberly Martin

New SpeedControl Dial for SmartDrive means more options!

The popular SmartDrive MX2+ by Permobil has more options than ever. Users wanting more from their SmartDrive now have a plethora of intuitive controls to choose from.


This year Permobil released the Pushtracker E3 wearable, support for Apple Watch devices and now the new SpeedControl Dial which easily allows you to start, stop and change your speed on-the-go! It simply mounts directly to your wheelchair frame and is available as a free option with a new SmartDrive or a purchased part.

Prefer controlling your power assist with a wearable? Receive a FREE Apple Watch SE with every new purchase of a SmartDrive device from a Permobil dealer until December 31, 2022. Register your new device here to claim.

Pushing a manual wheelchair can put stress on your shoulders and lead to serious future issues. SmartDrive’s seamless power assist has been proven to reduce the number of your pushes and minimise repetitive stress, allowing you to focus on the things that matter.


Visit our product page to learn more about the latest updates to SmartDrive power assist.