Kymberly Martin

New resources to assist with practice reviews

As part of its focus on incident management and prevention, the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission has developed new resources to support NDIS providers undertake practice reviews to:


• prevent incidents occurring

• better equip workers to manage incidents when they do occur

• influence improvements across other service delivery functions


• develop a culture of prevention.

The new practice review guidance includes a Practice Review Framework, which gives a holistic overview of the components of the review. Regardless of a provider’s size, scope and experience, the Framework can be used as a roadmap to integrate practice reviews into existing quality management and continuous improvement activities. The Framework is supported by a suite of resources that outline how to plan and undertake a practice review, and what to do once a practice review is completed.

A practice review is a reflective process that examines a provider’s engagement with a participant or group of participants, and improvements that can be made to their experience of the supports and services being delivered by the provider. It often focuses on a particular practice area, cluster of services, and/or practice in particular teams of support workers. 

It complements a provider’s obligations to manage and report incidents, including undertaking investigations to identify the cause of an event.

They create an opportunity to examine practice, from the perspective of participants and workers, to identify how practice can be improved to minimise the risk of incidents occurring or recurring.

Further information about the new resources is available on: Practice reviews | NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (