The Queensland Government has launched a guide to help grow the accessible tourism market. The guide is designed to break down barriers preventing people with disability from enjoying a holiday. The gives business details of inclusive initiatives already in place, explanations of legal obligations as well practical information and strategies on how to be more inclusive.

Disability Services Minister Coralee O’Rourke said:  “It is about more than installing ramps, widening parking bays and doorways, or building larger rest rooms, it is about everything that a business should do to be inclusive for everyone”.

Tourism Minister Kate Jones said inclusivity is a priority for organisers of major events in Queensland, including the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games “All venues will meet the national requirements for accessibility, which means everyone, regardless of age, family needs or mobility will be able to enjoy the Commonwealth Games events,” she said.

Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Kevin Cocks added that visitors with a health condition or disability and their companions spend a significant amount of money each year in Queensland. “The Queensland Anti-Discrimination Commission is a strong advocate for a society that is inclusive, fair and equitable and this guide supports the tourism industry to meet this challenge,” he said.

Inclusive Tourism was produced in partnership between the Queensland Government, Queensland Tourism Industry Council, Anti-Discrimination Commission, Queensland Disability Services Council, and the Local Government Association of Queensland.