Community services group, Blue Bike Solutions, has released details of its upcoming cloud platform that it claimed will revolutionise the way organisations can make vulnerable people, such as those with disability, safer in the community.

Blue Bike Solutions, managing director Daniel Muggeridge, unveiled details of the new technology at the National Disability Services (NDS) CEO conference in Sydney recently. Muggeridge told F2L the beta platform was ready to go into closed testing with a version expected to be available for public use in February.

“What we have built is years ahead of the software available in the market today. Our working beta is capable of creating a record of every scan of a Working with Children card or Victorian teachers’ card, in a permanent tamper-proof data base,” he said.

In what Muggeridge described as a world first, the technology permanently improves the way organisations manage their duty of care, providing directors and senior management with a new level of confidence in the way they can protect vulnerable people in their care from harm, he said.

“The faster we can on-board companies into, the faster we can build the network of trust that will make the platform effective. We are coming up with some innovative approaches to encourage early adopters that we will announce very soon.”

Blue Bike has signed a partnership with US group Domo Inc, which ex-Sydney Swan footballer and Domo Australia partner, Jude Bolton said provides the best platform for answering key questions , such as ‘is my organisation as safe as it could be?’ “We know that having up-to-date data about organisations live status will become critical,” he said.

The NDS recently launched their ‘zero tolerance’ framework to set new standards for managing institutional incidents.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse has set out recommendations for immediate adoption of 10 mandatory child safe standards. This includes a national’ working with children’ check, new ‘grooming’ laws, criminal liabilities for directors and a shift in the burden of proof for institutions. The Commission’s final report was tabled in Parliament in December.

Former Swans footballer, Jude Bolton with Blue Bike Solutions managing director, Daniel Muggeridge.