Kymberly Martin

New digital device for managing NDIS funds

A tool that enables NDIS participants to get an estimate of how much their supports costs, plan ahead, manage and fully utilise their budgets, is now available.


The NDIS Budget Calculator calculates costs for multiple items under a category, with the ability to set quantity down to fifteen-minute increments and frequency of services. Users can then view, print, or download a summary of total estimated costs to compare with their NDIS plan and ensure figures align with their budgets.

Plan Partners, CEO Sean Dempsey, said the tool was created following extensive research with customers and the broader disability community who found it difficult to find what they need within the NDIS complex pricing arrangements.

“Understanding the cost of supports and what you can get for your allocated budget isn’t easy. This often leads to participants either underspending funds and missing out on vital supports or overspending and not having enough to pay for supports down the track,” he said. “It gives participants, carers and support networks immediate visibility over costs so they can plan and organise supports and services for the duration of their plan.”


According to Dempsey the tool is a gamechanger when it comes to preparing for and attending planning meetings, two milestones the latest NDIS Quarterly Report found created the most unhappiness for participants, as well as helping them to secure more competitive prices with service providers.

Plan Partners’ NDIS Budget Calculator is free, without any sign-up requirements: visit