New Social Services Minister Christian Porter has described the NDIS as an exciting area. While there is no specific disability portfolio in the new ministry, which has caused some stirrings in the community, disability is included in Christian Porter’s wide ranging social services portfolio.

Commenting to F2L, the Minister said one of the first official acts from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was to sign bilateral agreements to roll out the NDIS across NSW and Victoria. “Together with the population of the Australian Capital Territory, these agreements mean the Australian Government has committed to a path forward for around 58 per cent of the projected 460,000 NDIS participants.”

The Minister also announced an agreement to establish early access to the NDIS in North Queensland with up to 600 eligible participants receiving funded packages between April and June 2016, with 1000 more participants joining before the full rollout begins in Queensland on July 1, 2016. “I am delighted to advocate for people with disability around the cabinet table,” he said.