Potential Grand Prix  wheelchair racers read on, with the first major title happening soon. Wheelchair Grand Prix (WGP) gives those with disability the opportunity to experience power wheelchair racing with the Sydney series tracking now at the Whalan Reserve until May 24. Starting in June there will be weekly events in Melbourne, Brisbane and Newcastle, running until the end of October that also includes workshops. There are 127 events scheduled for 2017, and the world championships will be held in Florida, US, later this year.

The first major title event for 2017 is being held at the Newcastle Jockey Club on May 12-13, which will be a televised.

“Women are welcome and interestingly the sport is not as skewed towards men as traditional motor sport,” WGP founder, Christopher Quinlan told F2L. He said WGP, which was created in 2013, is a racing series much like any other motorsport, with specially designed tracks all over Australia.  “Like any other motorsport the goal is simple. First to reach the chequered flag is victorious.”

The series features two classes, WZ2, that is speed limited to 10K and WF1, and an unrestricted class with up to 17K speed, for those after the highest adrenalin rush.

For more information visit: www.facebook.com/wheelchairgrandprix or chris.quinlan11@live.com