Kymberly Martin

Mobility Handles: the intuitive wheelchair controller

Mobility Handles are the innovative new platform in attendant wheelchair controllers, providing an intuitive solution for carer navigation and powerchair control. Designed to make it easier to move about the world and go further, Mobility Handles instinctively respond to the attendant’s movements. Effortlessly matching the attendant’s speed and change in direction, they make the ride much smoother for the occupant.


Attaching to the rear of the powerchair, with adjustable height and angle, Mobility Handles make wheelchair control effortless for those guiding them. No need for excess effort when driving, reversing, turning or stopping, regardless of the weight of the wheelchair occupant. The Mobility Handles can also be used with one hand, allowing the attendant or carer to walk alongside and more easily converse with the wheelchair user.

A step-up compared to traditional attendant joystick operation, Mobility Handles make navigating tight spaces much easier, avoiding injury to the occupant, the chair and damage to the surrounds. Mobility Handles are designed to be retrofitted to power wheelchairs with R-net electronics, and are now available to trial and order via:


They will also be available to trial at ATSA Independent Living Expo in May. Mobility Handles are designed and manufactured in Australia by Magic Mobility.