South Australia disability provider Minda is redeveloping its aquatic centre at Brighton. The upgraded site will deliver a fully accessible gym for clients, purpose-built consulting rooms, Minda Allied Health reception and collaborative working space. It will enhance services for more than 680 health clients and 23,000 hydrotherapy pool users.

Minda chief executive Dr David Panter said the makeover includes improvements to ramps, changerooms, and equipment tailored to the needs of clients and community members.  

“The total footprint of the building will not change but is focused on using the footprint size more efficiently through the creation of a purpose-built gym and individual consulting rooms and spaces more suited to a contemporary allied health and hydrotherapy pool,” he said.

While the works are underway, there will be minimal disruption to existing services, with pool users able to continue using the facility as normal.

Originally opened on November 7, 1981, it is the first major upgrade to the space, and is expected to be completed in September.