The Nano is a rigid-frame wheelchair with an open frame design. Stylish, sporty, and compact it is lightweight and stable. The compact frame fits in any car, even a convertible! The Nano is minimalist and distinctive, with clear lines unencumbered by unnecessary elements.

Transporting a chair has never been easier. Simply fold down the backrest, detach the side panels and drive wheels – and that’s it! The Nano’s compact frame will fit in almost any space.

The frame, side panel, footrest and wheel colour can all be customised. Make the Nano’s style your own, whether you want the chair to blend in or stand out, the sky’s the limit.  Side panels and footplate are painted in frame colour, with individual choice of colour available as an option.

Solid rubber castor wheels with aluminium rims are option, available in eye-catching X-trend colours.

The frog legs are available in silver, black, orange, red, blue and white. Besides the standard drive wheels, the X-trends Aktiv wheels colour options are blue, red and gold and the lightweight magnesium wheels come in metallic blue, red, orange, black and white.

For more information visit: or PH: (08) 9248 3560