Introducing the all new Maxima mobility scooter by Pride Mobility. It is the perfect companion for those seeking freedom, convenience, and style. Whether you’re exploring your neighbourhood, shopping or attending social gatherings, the Maxima scooter ensures you can do it all, with ease.

The Maxima is available in both a 4-wheel and 3-wheel configuration, offering ultimate comfort with its new high-back, depth-adjustable recline seat that swivels for easier access. This ultra-heavy-duty scooter boasts a remarkable 226 kg weight capacity and includes side bumpers and USB charging port. Embrace the luxurious feel and enjoy long rides without experiencing fatigue.

“We are excited to offer an all-new heavy-duty mobility solution, with the highest load capacity Pride Mobility has to offer.” said Matt Herbert, Director of Sales and Marketing, Pride Mobility Australia.

Stand out from the crowd with the Maxima’s state-of-the-art LED headlight package. Its thin and bright LED lights resemble those found on a luxurious SUV, giving your mobility scooter a sophisticated touch and enhancing visibility during night time outings.

Powered by a 24-volt DC motor, the Maxima Mobility Scooter can reach speeds of up to 9.3 km/h. Thanks to brilliant engineering, the scooter boasts an impressive battery capacity of up to 31 km per charge, enabling you to go the distance without compromise.

Experience the unmatched power and outstanding performance of the Maxima Heavy-Duty Mobility Scooter today. Open up a world of possibilities where independence knows no bounds.

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