Vision-impaired cricket fan, Queenslander Paul Szep is a fulltime volunteer for Blind Bats, a charity based at Morayfield, for sighted and vision-impaired people of all ages.

Szep has spent the past few years developing the world’s first beeping cricket ball, that is increasing participation among blind and low vision players. He is working with the NDIS and all levels of government with hopes to take the beeping ball around Australia. A microchip inside the oversized cricket ball beeps when in motion and when it comes to a stop, making fielding easier for the players.

Szep is keen to see everyone participate in the club and is also encouraging people with physical disabilities to get involved.

This year hockey joined softball, soccer and touch football in the sports program with deep sea fishing, ten pin bowling and social events coming on board in 2023 with expansion to other locations in progress.

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