Finally a wheelchair that offers true portability that enables independent propulsion and provides the benefits of tilt-in-space.

The Liberty claims to be the lightest adult tilt-in-space available giving independence to get out and go!  With the flip of a lever, it effortlessly folds down to a more compact, portable package, making it ideal for transportation.

Liberty utilitises the most recent technologies, including high pressure metal molding, resulting in an incredibly strong and lightweight part, with the side frame weighing only 1.27kg.  For an even smaller package there an optional folding backrest, with a transport weight of just under 11.8kg.

Because everyone needs relief from sitting in a static position, whether the primary concern is pressure relief, facilitating proper posture or just providing a break from gravity, Liberty makes it painless. Effortless repositioning is simple with an easy to adjust gas spring design.

The Liberty is also designed for independent mobility, especially foot propulsion. The front seat height remains the same regardless of the tilt angle. Simply choose the tilt angle that provides the best pelvic stability without compromising mobility.

Reacting quickly to a short discharge notice, which happens frequently in stroke rehabilitation, can be challenging. With Liberty’s modular design, in most cases, no additional parts are necessary to reconfigure the frame.  Frame width, frame depth, backrest height, seat to floor height and CG are all easily adjustable. Adapting the chair for delivery or in response to changing user needs has never been easier in an adult tilt chair.

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