An engaging three year old and a cute model toy car were bound to attract a big turnout at this ATSA Expo seminar. Go Baby Go was all about motivating children to move and is part of a new program that provides early mobility and social opportunities for children using a dinky car. Tracee-lee Maginnity from Astris Lifecare described Go Baby Go as all about engaging the child, keeping them active and involved and most importantly, being part of their own environment. “It is a toy, not a mobility replacement and is about playing and exploring,” she said.

The program has been developed for children aged from nine months. It relies on donations and sponsorships with 13 cars already delivered to children around Australia with support from therapy practice group Therapy For Kids. Depending on the individual modifications required, cars cost from $300 to $800 each. For more information and to support the program visit: or visit the Go Baby Go Australia link on Facebook.