Kymberly Martin

Jacob motorised stair climbing wheelchair lift from Stair Climbers

Did you know the first wheelchair was invented in 1655 by a German watchmaker who broke his back as a child? He was a very clever guy, but in finding a solution for one problem, he created a new one, the age-old problem of wheelchairs and stairs.


The Stair Climbers Jacob is a motorised stair climbing device that transports both the wheelchair and user up and down steps and stairs. It requires one person to operate. 

Jacob does not require any installation; it’s portable and fits inside the boot of a family-sized sedan for easy transport.

The Jacob is for wheelchairs with wheel diameters of at least 32cm. It will also carry some electric chairs and adjusts for wheelchairs of different widths, including children’s wheelchairs.


The battery powers the Jacob to climb around 1000 steps on a single charge and has a combined capacity (wheelchair + person) of 170kg.

Stair Climbers offer a complimentary Zoom live training session to show how to use the Jacob. Most customers pick up the technique quickly and are generally surprised by how easy it is to use. 

The vest-style seat belts attached to the Jacob safely secure the wheelchair user. It is a comfortable, smooth climb – no bumping as the rubber tracks glide over the edge of stairs. Someone described it as “like sitting on a conveyer belt.”

Compared to other options, Jacob offers a safe, cost-effective and flexible solution to the age-old problem. The German watchmaker would be pleased!

To find out more, call Stair Climbers: on 0411 458 887 or visit our website.