TabTimer Reminders has added an automated pill dispenser to its range of assistive technology solutions. The MedReady (MR-357FL) device was developed to help people with disability, memory or cognitive impairment to maintain their independence. As well it gives families and carers peace of mind and control when it comes to prescribed medicine regimes.

The time-alarmed system holds 28 medicine doses that are automatically provided at up to four daily programmed times. At medicine taking time a loud alarm beeps and light flashes continuously until the medicine door is opened to access the pills. Only the most recent medication dose is available to the patient, with any missed doses securely stored away. The locked and tamper-resistant lid keeps medicines securely stored until the scheduled program time.

A built-in SIM card communicates events to a central server and website and provides care givers with detailed compliance reports, remote programming and control over the device and the ability to trigger early doses. It also gives SMS alerts and email notifications if something goes wrong.  The device is available on a monthly subscription basis.

In addition to the automated pill dispenser, TabTimer has timers, electronic pill boxes, vibrating watches and clocks in its medications reminders line up.

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