Standing is an important part of physical therapy and an essential step in a child’s development.

The Ella Standing Frame from Timo has been designed for children and youths who require physical assistance in their daily lives and who can often be limited in their ability to maintain head and trunk postures. Increasing muscle tone, stretching the muscles, strengthening the bones and ligaments, while preventing postural disorders can be done effortlessly with the Ella.

The Ella 3-in-1 Stander can accommodate full range from supine, through to upright and prone standing. The Ella 4-in-1 Stander can accommodate full range from supine, upright, abduction and prone.

Both standers are supremely adaptable to client individuality with smart ergonomics and easy setup.

With a 90-degree step-less tilt range, either manually operated with a gas spring or powered with an electric actuator, the standing angle can be determined very precisely. A unique feature with these standers would be the pelvic and trunk de-rotational supports which enables this stander to accommodate most postural requirements. The comfortable supports, functional versatility and ease of use provide facility to the everyday life of families of children with disabilities.

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