The Umbrella School of Music wants to hear from participants, with or without disability, who are keen to attend a pilot workshop in Sydney in June.  The Disney Company has approved this special inclusive musical model for the one-act production of Camp Rock that is scheduled to take place in March 2025.

Founder of the school, Ingrid Bass, said the production is unique as each character will be portrayed by two people, children or adults, one with and the other without disability, sharing lines, solos, costumes and parts.

Willoughby City Council is sponsoring the launch of the project with a workshop on June 23 at the Willoughby Park Centre from 3.30-5.30pm. Participants will meet members of the production team who will explain the rehearsal program and more.

However, Bass would like to hear from disability organisations, corporates or individual donors to help out with the remaining $15,000 needed to support production costs.

“We also need more interest from children and adults without disability to buddy up with a child or adult with disability,” she told F2L.

“Interested cast members and their families with disability will get their moment to shine on stage next March. Those without disability will experience the joy of creating a musical production alongside their buddies with disability, helping I believe to break down barriers and stigmas around disability and having social impacts that extend well beyond the stage,” Bass said.

NDIS funds are not accepted for the workshop but can be used for the rehearsals if the participant joins the future production.

 To sign up for the workshop go to: