People who use a wheelchair for their daily mobility will need to consider how the wheelchair is transported in a car to support their community access. Travelling on an airplane can be even more complicated. Each airline has their own allowances and restrictions on mobility devices; what can be taken in the main cabin, what can be stowed in the hull and limits on size and weight all adds up to months of planning for wheelchair users and their carers.

A wheelchair prescribed and set up to accommodate everyday tasks may very well be heavier, longer and wider than the airline allows and may not fit in a vehicle once you touch down to begin your holiday. For wheelchair users who rely on tilt in space and other features, transportation of their manual or powered mobility devices can restrict spontaneous day to day activities and put limitations on travelling further afield. There are often features that can’t be compromised, therefore travel is put in the too hard basket. Linds Rehabilitation Equipment, otherwise known as The Wheelchair People, may have the answer many wheelchair users are looking for.

Linds is proud to announce the latest upgrade to its PDG Fuze tilt-in-space wheelchair line-up. Take-Apart is an optional frame upgrade that allows the wheelchair to be taken apart for easy transportation or storage. Disassembly and reassembly takes seconds and is completely tool-free. This feature reduces the weight of the heaviest piece of the wheelchair to 13kg or less. Independent power wheelchair users can consider adding power assist wheels to this manual option, providing a transportable, powered tilting option with total weight under 100kgs. The Fuze Take-Apart is perfect for transporting in the boot of a car or SUV, increasing holiday destination accessibility. This take apart tilt system puts travelling in an airplane back on the travel itinerary.

The Fuze T50 range has a sleek aluminium frame with an infinitely adjustable tilt range of 50 degrees. The chairs are lightweight, have a small footprint, and are easy to set up and adjust. The add on features of power tilt, manual recline and manual elevating legs makes the T50 a product that provides adjustability in seating for function and comfort while out exploring the world.

The Take-Apart frame is now available as optional chair upgrade on the Fuze T50, Fuze T50n, and Fuze JR. It will start shipping in early November! Contact Linds Rehab on 1800 501 601 to find your nearest supplier of the PDG tilt in space range.