Stairs are one of the most hazardous areas within homes where people are likely to slip, trip and fall. As with most home modifications it is important to ensure stairs are designed to not just reduce injury but also allow for modification. Stairs and steps should be properly fixed and have closed risers. Stairs should have handrails to both sides with extensions at the top and bottom landings to allow for support to and from the stairs. The tops of handrails should be 900-1000mm above the stair treads.

The most functional range for step configuration should be 270-300mm for tread lengths and 150-165mm for riser height. It is recommended that all steps and stairs have contrasting strips on the edge of all step nosings so users can see where to locate their foot. These strips should be across the full width of the stair, between 50mm-75mm wide with 30 per cent luminance contrast to the background surface. All step nosings should be slip resistant.