Kymberly Martin

Hoggi CESA sporty wheelchair from Dejay Medical

A sporty active-wheelchair for kids and adolescents with a box frame construction that provides CESA with a huge rigidity despite its low weight.  Thanks to the special box frame construction seat height the seat angle, wheel base and active degree can be adjusted independently of the chassis.


CESA has growth capacity with:

  • Seat depth up to 10cm without any application of additional items
  • Seat width up to 2cm with distance elements

Next to a high variation of colours and designs CESA offers a wide range of options and accessories with features including:

  • Designed and made in Germany
  • Three frame sizes
  • Box frame construction for high rigidity at low weight
  • Easy adjustment of seat height, seat angle and wheelbase
  • Wheelbase can be adjusted independently of the degree of activity: optimum weight distribution on front and rear wheels for dynamic wheeling
  • Growth capacity provides long term use for growing kids
  • Individually customisable through a variety of adjustment options
  • A wide range of amazing colours.

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